Natural Remedies of Sore Throat

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A sore throat can be characterized by a scratchy voice, irritation, or pain, which worsens every time you swallow. This is an indication of inflammation of your throat. Viral infection is the main cause of throat pain. This pain disappears itself without the use of medication. Fortunately, it can be cured by using home remedies. A rare common of a sore throat known as strep throat infection necessitates extra treatment with use of antibiotics to prevent any complications.

Symptoms of a sore throat

Before you use home remedies for a sore throat, you need to understand the signs and symptoms of this condijmkbwe5d62etd72u8d82tion. They include:

Dry throatRed
swollen tonsils
Difficulty in swallowing
Scratchy sensation
Swollen glands

Some infections lead to a sore throat. They include nausea, vomiting, sneezing, cough, fever, and runny nose. No matter the cause, you need to stop immediate aching, even though temporal it may. In most cases, people run to their physicians. However, the right forms of treatments or relief are home remedies. They include:

Home remedies

Licorice Root

This is a herb that has been used for many years as a home remedy to cure a sore throat. Fortunately, recent studies have proven it to be very effective when used in combination with mouthwash.

Slippery elm

This has been used to treat a sore throat. Univesity of Maryland advanced this research. Traditionally, it was used to relieve a cough and painful throats.


You can use honey the way it is or mixes it with tea to relieve pain. You should note that honey is used to cure many other types of health problems. The good thing with this method is that it has been proven by scientists to relieve soreness and cough of the throat.

Salt and water

A study carjmknb2wed4r52wedt62y7dy72ried out by the University of Connecticut found out that gargling lukewarm water with salt helps soothe throat pain and break down secretions. Moreover, this remedy helps combat any bacterium that is thriving in your throat.

Basil leaves

These leaves are very popular in treating different conditions. They can be used to treat throat problems. You can prepare a decoction by preparing few basil leaves in a cup of water. If you want to achieve good results, you are advised to consume it several times daily in small sips. You can add some drops of honey to sweeten your drink.

The above are some of the proven home remedies that can help you cure a sore throat. Some of these methods have a scientific backing.…