Demand for e-liquids and e-cigarettes is multiplying. The BBC reports that the global net value of e-cigarette products exceeds $22 billion. It is easy to see how attractive this is. E-cigarettes are more attractive than smoking. E-cigarettes, popularly known as vapes, vary in different shapes, sizes, and flavors. One of the best and most refreshing vapes that you should try is the HQD Cuvie Plus. But, there are many reasons to continue vaping. After reviewing vapes, we found five reasons why their popularity is growing. Read more here.


Vapes Are Healthier Than Smoking

Smoking can cause serious health problems. The first reason is that smoking can destroy almost every organ in the body. The lungs, skin, and heart are affected. It is also responsible for 9/10 deaths from lung cancer. The three carcinogens found in cigarette smoke are formaldehyde and benzene. Carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and other deadly chemicals are also found in cigarette smoke. E-liquids can only contain nicotine. The user does not inhale smoke but vapor. E-liquids can contain both PG and VG. The Food Drugs Association has classified PG as a safe food ingredient. VG is organic and made from coconut oil.

It’s an Effective Way of Curbing Smoking

VapingThe number of smokers reached 35 million in 2016 and will likely reach 55 million by 2021. The downside is that the number of smokers has decreased by 0.04 billion since 2000. E-cigarettes and smoking have nothing to do with each other. E-cigarettes are less harmful to smokers than traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes are healthier than smoking, and users can reduce their nicotine intake to avoid overdose.

Vapes Cost Less Than Tobacco Cigarettes

E-cigarettes are cheaper than smoking. Yes, you can recycle e-cigarettes once you buy them. E-cigarettes are cheaper than cigarettes because of higher taxation on tobacco products. E-cigarettes are also cheaper because they can hold more than 200 puffs. In contrast, a pack of cigarettes has fewer puffs and is more expensive.

Vaping Doesn’t Cause Bad Odors and Stained Tooth

In a group of five people, you can easily identify a smoker. They always smell. Cigarette smoke can leave a smoky smell on smokers’ bodies and clothes. Bad breath can also be caused by tobacco, which can stain teeth. Electronic cigarettes are completely smoke-free and come in many flavors. Some e-liquid flavors smell similar to the light perfume.

Many Varieties of Flavors Are Available in Vapes

There are many e-liquid options, each with its unique properties and flavors. For example, you can find e-liquid with Grape flavor, Caramel flavor, even Coffee flavor. There are many types of cigarettes. However, none of them are that appealing to everyone. Because of their addictive nature, people stick to them.…